• Students who participate in Applied Research at Lambton College are given opportunities that truly give them a competitive advantage upon graduation through hands-on experience and working side-by-side with industry members, faculty and researchers.

    If you’re interested in obtaining employment in your field or in gaining valuable work experience, consider applying to Applied Research and become involved in real-world research projects today!

    How to Begin Working with Applied Research

    Phase 1:

    Apply to Research Jobs

    Keep an eye on job posting for current research assistant opportunities. When you see a position that matches your education and skill set, forward your cover letter and resume to the Applied Research department. Have a look at job postings now!

    Phase 2:


    All applications are reviewed by the technical and administrative team and they determine which candidates will be interviewed. Top candidates will be selected to attend an interview.

    Phase 3:

    Project Execution

    Once you’ve been selected from the interview process, students and recent graduates will work as research assistants on applied research projects. Students and recent graduates work closely with research managers and academic and industry research team members to meet the project deliverables.

    Phase 4:


    Student involvement in applied research allows students and graduates to work alongside today’s industry leaders and future employers. Student gain valuable experience and expertise that can be added to their resumes and ultimately have a competitive edge within the job market.

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