• Workshops are facilitated in a small group setting with a focus on specific parts of the job search process. It is hoped that the workshops will not only provide the information needed to be successful in one’s employment goals but also give participants the opportunity to exchange/share ideas about their life experiences.

    The following is a list of workshops/Information sessions offered:

    • Ace the Interview 
    • Apprenticeship Information 
    • Developing a Job Search Portfolio 
    • Exploring your Employment Possibilities 
    • Job Search Techniques 
    • Navigating the Labour Market 
    • Personality Dimensions 
    • Résumé Workshop 
    • Using Technology Effectively for your Job Search 
    • Word/Excel for Job Search 

    Additional Services that can be facilitated by Employment Services:

    • Essential Skills Information
    • Generational Differences in the Workplace
    • WHMIS
    • Health and Safety
    • Sensitivity/Diversity Training
    • Information on accommodation needs
    • Mentoring/Coaching
    • Safe Food Handling **
    • Smart Serve **

    ** Testing fees for these programs will be incurred by the employee/employer

    We look forward to presenting specialized workshops to meet your needs.

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