Advanced Boiler Systems and Pumps

OES-7034 Credit

The Advanced Boiler Systems and Pumps course has been designed based on the SOPEEC syllabus to prepare students for TSSA exam 2A-3.

The course aligns with the PanGlobal Power Engineering 2nd Class - A3 textbook and is designed so that students can complete the weekly readings and assignments around their work schedule.

Topics of study include an advanced study of steam generator design, applications, installation, and components. Advanced operations including water treatment and maintenance procedures are emphasized. A more detailed investigation of pumps included theory, and control methodology is also covered.

The course includes a final exam modelled on the format and question type of the SOPEEC exam to further help students prepare for the 2A-3 exam.

This course is for 3rd Class Stationary Engineers preparing to take the TSSA 2nd Class Stationary Engineering Qualification. Students are responsible for ensuring they meet TSSA eligibility requirements for challenging the exam.

There are no scheduled classes at this time. Please contact us at to find out the next start date for this course.

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