Term 1

CPT-1064: Spreadsheets

This hands-on course introduces students to the power of spreadsheets. Students create workbooks, worksheets, and chart sheets suitable for the business world. Students analyze practical business examples that develop the skills and know-how to apply them to different environments.

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

MTH-1002: Business Mathematics

A course designed to introduce the learner to the mathematics of business, from basic arithmetic to the calculation of present value.

OFT-1033: Windows, Records Management and Internet Research Concepts

Windows is a beginning course in learning the fundamentals of the Windows operating system, e-mail essentials, Internet research, and managing records manually and electronically. Windows is a widely used graphical user interface, which allows for interaction between computer hardware and software uncomplicated. The Windows portion of the course acquaints the learner with a graphical user interface and is designed for the learner with very basic computer knowledge. Skills to organize and manage information are emphasized.

SDV-1001: College Orientation

This course surveys the ideas, strategies, and skills that a beginning student can use to be successful in college. Personal organization and study skills are discussed together with a description of college resources and services that are useful to the student. This course is offered via Learning Management System (LMS) or via iPad app.

WPA-1105: Introductory Document Processing

Introductory Document Processing is both a beginning course in keyboarding and word processing. Keyboarding for the learner with no previous keyboarding training is studied using keyboarding software during class time; however, students are expected to practice outside of class time as well with the software that is required along with the other keyboarding course text books. Drills and timed writings for speed and accuracy are used for developing a minimum speed of 33 net words per minute. Proper keyboarding techniques are taught and reinforced. Basic to intermediate word processing concepts will be applied to the production of a variety of business correspondence including standard memos and letters. Efficient document production, including proofreading is a major part of the course using appropriate Microsoft Word functions. This course builds information input speed and accuracy required to meet multiple deadlines encountered in subsequent courses, and in today's business environment.

Term 2

ACC-1013: Small Office Accounting

An introduction to accounting for a small business concern with a study of the fundamental principles and methods of record-keeping. Coverage includes basic bookkeeping skills as well as accounting applications for cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking activities, special journals and payroll.

CPT-1073: Database

This course is designed for the office administration student to introduce them to database management software using Microsoft's Access. The student gains an understanding of relational databases including how to organize business or personal records in a table; how to increase database validity and integrity; how to perform queries to extract pertinent information; how to create forms for ease of data entry; and how to create professional looking reports.

ENG-1244: Business English Skills I

This course emphasizes the writing of effective business communications, including letters, memoranda, email, and short reports. Other tasks include applying proofreading and editing skills. These skills will prepare the student for the work environment, which requires practical business writing to be clear, correct, and concise. Students are introduced to the research process and develop critical thinking skills.

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

JSS-1001: Job Search and Success

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of how to conduct a job search and how to succeed in the work place. This includes self-reflection, effectively designing a cover letter and resume, online job searches utilizing social media, behavioural based interviewing as well as marketing oneself effectively in a job interview. Job safety, successful work strategies and harassment and discrimination plan of action is also discussed.

OFP-1024: Administrative Professional Procedures

This hybrid course examines office systems and procedures in a business environment that accurately depicts the changing work environment for the office professional in the 21st century, which includes extensive hands-on and online experience with students learning about different work patterns (telework being one example) technological advances, skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the ever-changing work environment. Time, stress, anger management, handling mail and reprographics; developing customer focus, using telecommunications and workplace collaboration tools; planning, organizing meetings and other events, working ethically and leadership skills are also studied. Major emphasis is placed on soft skills because in a high-performance workplace, human factors strongly impact the ability of organizations to succeed and administrative professionals are expected to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. Students will begin the process of creating an academic/work portfolio and will work through a basic office simulation. The skills learned will be extended into the integrated office simulations course for Executive students, medical office procedures for Medical students in year two where capstone projects are included and put into practice in an office administration co-op position.

WPA-1204: Intermediate Document Processing

This course is a further study in operating microcomputers and using word processing software. Emphasis is placed on mastering word processing concepts and applying them to format a variety of business documents. Accurate and efficient production of documents is an integral part of the course. Also, students will learn to proofread using the techniques that professional proofreaders have found most practical and effective. In addition, students practice keying accurately throughout the course. Students need a minimum grade of C to progress to WPA 2103.

Term 3

ACC-2023: Computerized Accounting

This course introduces learners to computerized accounting systems and illustrates the practical uses of computers in an office setting. The learners work with Sage 50 Accounting software in order to enhance the theoretical concepts learned in previous accounting courses.

ENG-2243: Business English Skills II

This communications course emphasizes the research process through documentation, quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing and the writing of effective business communications including email, letter and short report memoranda. Other tasks include development of writing skills and style, running business style meetings, taking minutes and creating a business style cumulative report.

DTP-2104: Desktop Publishing

This course introduces the student to desktop publishing technology and design principles using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The student will learn basic design concepts to prepare dynamic page layouts for promotional and personal documents. They will be able to create professional-looking illustrations, images and documents and create, edit, capture, repair, resize and enhance digital images.

OFT-2104: Presentation Tools

This hands-on presentation tools course provides students with the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic presentations using PowerPoint. Students learn the fundamentals of building a presentation and how to effectively communicate the message to an audience.

WPA-2103: Advanced Document Processing

This course is designed for the office administration student who has decided to major in either the executive or medical environment. This course develops advanced word processing skills and emphasis is placed on producing high-quality work from various sources. Producing AODA compliant Word documents is also explored.

Term 4

CPL-1003: Work Term - Part-Time

Co-operative education/internship provides students with the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the workplace, undertake career sampling and gain valuable work experience that may assist students to find permanent employment after graduation. For further information regarding Co-op please refer to www.lamtoncollege.ca/mycareer


ENG-4163: Business Reports

This course requires the student to prepare and write a long, formal, analytical business report and present it as an oral business presentation. Prerequisite ENG-2243 Business English Skills II


CPT-2004: Professional Computer Applications

This is an advanced document-processing course using Windows, desktop publishing, business graphics software and authoring software. In this course students (1) develop desktop publishing skills using MS Publisher 2013; (2) develop business graphics using MS Visio 2013 Professional; and (3) become proficient using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Advanced functions are taught and explored with an emphasis placed on producing high quality work from various sources. In addition, students enhance their keying accurately throughout the course.

OFP-2104: Integrated Office Simulations

Students work through the process of applying for a mock administrative assistant position that requires students to prepare a professional cover letter, resume, portfolio and participate in a mock job interview as well as other interview assessments. Upon completion, students are hired to work in a variety of simulated office settings working on a variety of projects that integrates Microsoft Office Suite software; including, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Visio as well as software from the Adobe Creative Suite - Illustrator and Photoshop. Students will also explore self-employment job opportunities, specifically as Virtual Assistants, to reinforce the skills employers will expect from a recent college graduate. Students are required to problem solve, work on teams and collaborate, provide excellent customer service, demonstrate organizational abilities and project coordination, as well as produce consistent documentation while sustaining accuracy, and maintaining confidentiality. Conflict management, ergonomics, meeting management, health and wellness, social media, customer service, business travel topics are also reviewed whereby students coordinate and execute a professional meeting/workshop.

WPD-2204: Web Page Design

This is an introductory web page design course that incorporates a hands-on approach to teaching web page design using Dreamweaver. The role of graphic presentation is also considered in the design phase. Students also analyze the design of commercial web sites in developing an appreciation for visual impact and functionality in their own web pages.

GED-XXX3: General Education Elective

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