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This program is a transition year for secondary school graduates and mature students who lack the prerequisites to be accepted into the Bachelor of Science - Nursing (BScN) degree program offered in collaboration with University of Windsor.

To graduate from the Pre-Health Sciences - BScN certificate program, students must achieve a minimum grade of D (50%) in each course offered. However, in order to be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science - Nursing program, a Pre-Health Sciences - BScN graduate must achieve the following minimum requirements:

  • Program GPA of at least 2.7
  • A combined average of at least a B- (70%) in BIO-1205 and BIO-2205
  • A combined average of at least a B- (70%) in CHM-1255 and CHM-2255
  • Passing grade in all courses in both terms

Students in this program must apply to the BScN program by February 1 of the calendar year in which they wish to be considered for admission to start the program to ensure that all additional requirements are met for the BScN program.

Students who achieve the admission requirements to gain entrance to the Bachelor of Science - Nursing program from a Pre-Health Sciences - BScN program must have graduated from either Lambton College or St Clair College to be considered for admission. Bonus points for Lambton College Pre-Health Sciences - BSCN will not be assigned. All requirements must be completed by the end of the winter term. St. Clair Pre-Health Sciences - BScN graduates will be required to submit all transcripts and a resumé.

Students entering this program are entering a Mobile Learning - Class+ Experience program. The Class+ Experience is exclusive to Lambton College, where technology inspires learning. Mobile devices allow students to experience learning both inside and outside the classroom, integrating educational apps and tools into class activities. See device requirements.


Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D or equivalent with:
Grade 12 English C or U (minimum requirement 55%)
Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry C or U (minimum requirement 60%)
Grade 11 or 12 Biology C or U (minimum requirement 60%)
Grade 12 Mathematics C or U (recommended)

Mature applicants must be at least 19 years of age by the start of classes, be out of secondary school for at least one year and usually do not have a high school diploma. Mature applicant assessment for this program is available in the Counselling Department in the subject of English. The assessment(s) will demonstrate proficiency in required admission subjects. For all other admission requirements applicants must complete the required course(s) as listed above. For more information please contact the Counselling Department at ext. 3412. Academic admission requirements can be obtained through Academic Upgrading and Pre-Programs at Lambton College.

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates qualify to apply for any other Health Sciences program at Lambton College, provided they meet the respective minimum grade requirements.

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Program Information

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