This unique two-term Emerging Leaders program is designed to provide international students with increased business knowledge, improved English communication skills and an opportunity to apply their theoretical learning through practical workplace internships.

The goal of this program is to offer an environment for the aspiring young international students who aspires to lead and experience language, business and culture within a North American context.

The curriculum is designed with a combination of communication courses, introductory college business courses, and internship employment preparation. A practical internship experience (paid or non-paid) will be completed by the student concurrently with a speaker series that will showcase influential members of the local business community sharing their views and experience on business leadership.

Admission Requirements

O.S.S.D. or equivalent

ESL Requirements

IELTS of 4.5
- or -
Passed Lambton Institute of English placement test

Employment Opportunities

After completing the first term, students will be eligible to work at a variety of small businesses in the hospitality and service industry or in locally created internships that will help students improve their English communication skills.

Please Note: Post-Graduate Work Permit eligibility is determined solely by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Lambton College does not deem this program suitable for students seeking to qualify for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. Students are recommended to contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada for full eligibility requirements.