Computer Systems Technician - Networking & Cloud Integration


Program Information

Organizations are undergoing revolutionary changes in the way they build their business strategies by increasing their use of networking, cloud computing and virtualized systems. These changes have greatly increased the demand across a wide range of industries for highly skilled professionals to design, implement and support related technologies.

The Lambton College Computer Systems Technician - Networking and Cloud Integration, Ontario College Diploma allows students the opportunity to gain an understanding of how to implement and support networks, operating systems, databases, repair computer hardware, design and publish web pages and learn the basis of cutting edge application software. In addition, students also learn about business principles, project management fundamentals, business documentation and communications.

Graduates of the program will have the necessary skills that may lead to a variety of computer technology employment opportunities in many diverse fields including but not limited to Cloud System Administrators, Windows Server Administrators, Network Administrators, System Programmers or Database Administrators.

This Lambton College program is licensed to and delivered by Queen's College (PDF), a licensed private career college in Mississauga, Ontario. Students that are registered at Lambton in Mississauga are students of a public college and as such, will receive full credit from Lambton College for all Lambton College courses completed at the Queen's College campus in Mississauga. Students who meet program graduation requirements will graduate with a credential from Lambton College.

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:
Grade 12 English
Grade 11 or 12 Mathematics
or mature student status.

ESL Requirements

IELTS of 5.5
- or -
Passed Lambton Institute of English placement test
- or -
Successfully completed two years of secondary and/or post-secondary education in Canada or any English speaking country.

Employment Opportunities

  • Cloud System Administrator
  • Windows Server Administrator
  • Network Manager
  • System Programmer
  • Database Administrator

International Education
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