• Free job posting service
    • Free job matching services
    • Free workshops: Workplace Safety, HR Practices, Information on Accommodation Needs, Resolving Conflict at Work, Needs Assessments-Identifying the skills necessary to perform the work required
    • Financial Incentives
    • Free mentoring/coaching support services

    Our Employment Consultants will provide employers with customized services to support their recruitment/hiring and training needs

    • Helping employers find the right employee for the position they are trying to fill
    • Assisting employers with the training costs involved in supporting new employees
    • Offering coaching and mentorship to our clients and employers to help strengthen the relationship between the employer and the employee
    • Providing information to employers on government programs that they may not be aware of such as the provincial Apprenticeship Tax Credit for employers who hire apprentices
    • Collecting of resumes for non-advertised positions or posting job opportunities
    • Sharing of Human Resources tools such as job posting and job description templates, how to set up a hiring selection committee, questions to ask in an interview and much more
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