Parking Info

  • Parking Services has a New Look

    As part of our ongoing Wayfinding Plan, the Facilities team is excited to announce the implementation of innovative Parking Services around South building.

    There have been many enhancements to College parking, including the elimination of the monitored kiosk system. The kiosks have been removed and replaced with Licence Plate Recognition Technology. This new mobile service monitors all lots throughout the day, and has the ability to digitally scan licence plates. All unregistered vehicles found within the system will be ticketed. Removing the kiosks in favour of this new technology also allows Facilities to increase the number of Parking Services staff available on foot patrol for safety and security purposes. These changes also minimize congestion in busy areas during peak traffic times.

    Parking Passes will be available for purchase in one or two semester packages.

    Daily Fees:

    $5 Flat Rate 


    General Parking $172 (One Term)
    General Parking $275 (Fall and Winter Terms)
    Employee $275 (Fall and Winter Terms)
    Reserved $465 (Yearly)
    Apprenticeship $98 (Valid for 8 Weeks)
    $147.50 (Valid for 12 Weeks)
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